How it works

Travel can be free or low-cost, but you have to know how.

Travel can be free or low-cost, but you have to know how. That’s where we come in—telling you exactly what you need to do to accumulate Frequent Flyer Miles, and what you need to do to redeem them for fantastic trips. Specifically, the Travel Hacking Cartel commits to help you:

  1. 1. Hit the ground running. Screen-capture modules and a series of emails will make it easy for you to benefit right away. You’ll learn about glitch fares, Round-the-World tickets, padding out your mileage account, earning elite status, and much more.
  2. 2. Take advantage of real-time updates. We’ll give you the right info, exactly when you need it, with timely Deal Alerts of late-breaking offers. You’ll learn exactly what you need to take advantage of a travel hacking opportunity right when it breaks.

Cartel membership is backed up by the World’s Greatest Guarantee: you’ll earn at least four free plane tickets for every year you remain a member.

Oh, and the cartel also offers a Refer-a-Hacker program where you can easily earn free travel rewards for introducing us to your friends. Sound good? Sign up here for your $1 trial.

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